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The mission of the Miami Chapter of the National Football Cheerleaders Alumni Organization (NFCAO) is to enable former Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders to connect with other NFCAO chapters around the country, to continue to contribute to local and national charitable organizations and to support alumni who are in need.



The Miami Dolphins cheerleading squad launched with the team's inception in 1966.The original squad was known as the Dolphins Dolls, consisting of 125 girls ranging from 8 to 18 years of age. The group performed at the Miami Orange Bowl until 1977. Then in 1978, 30 professional cheerleaders debuted under owner Joe Robbie, This new squad was known as the Starbrites under a sponsorship with Starbrite Car Polish until 1983. After a naming contest with Burger King, the squad became known as simply, the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders. The alumni organization was established in 2022 to honor and provide a continued support system for past cheerleaders post their time on the squad.


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